The place for images from the 80s


What is this site?

This is just a place where I store all the 80s related images I’ve found over the years, sorted by category. I like to think of it as my own 80s image repository.

Why have you made this?

I made it because my phone was too full of photos. I tweet a lot, often random photos of 80s things, and so I kept hundreds of 80s images on my phone. When my phone got too full, I moved them all off it. After I had moved all these images off my phone and put them online, I had an extra 2 gig of phone storage. I’ve made this site for my own use, so I can still access all the pics I have, but you are welcome to take things from it if you find anything you like.

Why are the images watermarked?

I’ve added a watermark to the bottom right of all the images not because I own the images, but just to say where this version of the image was downloaded from. I don’t claim to own any of the images, I’m just letting people know where they can get more images from if they like the one they’ve seen. I’ve made it as discrete as possible.

Why does the watermark only say 80sNostalgia, not 80sNostalgia.co.uk?

Because I own the .co.uk AND the .com – if people search for 80sNostalgia online, chances are they will find one of my sites.

Why do the images keep changing order?

I’ve made the images display randomly in each category so I don’t see the same ones every time I load it up. I’ve made this site for my own use, and thats how I prefer to see things. It helps keeping things creative. If you ilke the randomness, great! If you don’t like the randomness, you’re very welcome to find somewhere else to take 80s images from.

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